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Pernilla Österberg

Composer for Television and Film





Stockholm / Sweden


A Bit About Me

My name is Pernilla Österberg (Osterberg)

I am a very dedicated Swedish composer for Television and Film

I also like when "voices" are added like an instrument, but my love for the instrumental are endless.

I am easy to work with and have a good reputation (well, It feels like that :)

I was nominated in 2015 for SKAP (Sweden´s composers and lyrics association) music price and won the same year in Dec for my instrumental music.

Swedish composer for Television and Film, I have music in catalogues like

 - Cezame music agency,

 - The new" BMG production (France), 

 - AMG Scandinavia, 

 - UBM, The old BMG (now Unippm)

Work Experience

Let's Get

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